Data Aggregation

MagDive excels in data aggregation, collecting both on-chain and off-chain data from a wide range of sources within the cryptocurrency industry. Our platform serves as a centralized hub, consolidating this diverse data into a comprehensive and reliable source of information.

On-chain data refers to the data directly extracted from blockchain networks. This includes transaction records, smart contract interactions, wallet addresses, and other blockchain-specific information. We gather this data from various blockchain explorers and other trusted sources, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Off-chain data, on the other hand, encompasses data that exists outside of the blockchain network. This includes data from exchanges, decentralized applications, market sentiment analysis, social media platforms, and other relevant sources. By aggregating off-chain data, we provide users with a holistic view of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, capturing insights and trends that may not be evident from on-chain data alone.

Our platform boasts over 400 million tags, which act as metadata labels, and 200,000 entity pages, which provide comprehensive information about companies, projects, individuals, and tokens within the cryptocurrency space. These tags and entity pages serve as a powerful index, allowing users to quickly access relevant data and gain insights into specific entities or topics of interest.

Within our platform, users can access detailed transaction histories, allowing them to trace the flow of funds and analyze the activities of entities. Holdings data provides information on the cryptocurrency assets held by entities and their distribution. Fund flows enable users to track the movement of funds between entities, exchanges, and wallets. User activity metrics provide insights into the daily and monthly engagement levels of entities.

MagDive offers comprehensive data on project TVL (Total Value Locked), which represents the total value of assets locked within a decentralized finance (DeFi) project. This data enables users to gauge the popularity and success of various DeFi projects, helping them make informed investment decisions.

By aggregating and presenting this extensive data in a user-friendly manner, MagDive empowers users to gain a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our comprehensive data aggregation ensures that users have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information, enabling them to make informed decisions and navigate the cryptocurrency industry with confidence.

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